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Remote Ideal Server II
FingerTec® Remote Ideal Server II or FRIS II is designed to enable data centralization from FingerTec® terminals under MySQL database system via network server. FRIS II is targeted to accommodate large user-based sites where centralized data management is fundamental. To enhance security level, an organization can opt to identify fingerprint at FRIS II Server instead of at an individual terminal. It is recommended that one FRIS II Server limits the connection to only 5 fingerprint terminals for remote identification for optimum performance. FRIS II works with FingerTec® TCMS V2 software as time attendance and access control application, and it also can be integrated to any other third party software.

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PRICE: RM 1,920.00


• FRIS offers larger storage depends on server capacity for a sizeable user-base and extensive transaction logs
• FRIS offers better management and monitoring of staff via a standalone server
• Management of unit branches by headquarters through multi-link servers
• FRIS allows management of multiple terminals through one server
• FRIS provides smoother and safer data sharing between different management levels
• FRIS offers WAN (wide area network), Internet access or LAN (local area network) to control servers and data management
• With FRIS, data centralization is efficient and more effective
• FRIS offers secure data storage
• FRIS is compatible with FingerTec® BioBridge SDK for third party software integration


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