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FingerTec - TCMS V2, DiGiTime


Time Attendance & Access Control Software for FingerTec® Terminal
TCMS V2 is a comprehensive powerful management tool designed exclusively for FingerTec® fingerprint, facial and card systems terminals. TCMS V2 software has been in the market for a decade, translated to various languages, being used by millions across the globe to manage time attendance and access control for small to big business operations. TCMS V2 comes fully loaded with all the powerful features, allowing users to automate company’s timekeeping, attendance tracking, labor scheduling, data collection and access control in a centralized database. TCMS V2 can link to one terminal up to 999 FingerTec® terminals in one system, to cope with your company’s growth over time

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RM 600.00


• Manage time attendance & time clocking activities
• Provides 6 definable daily clocking activities
• Supports overnight working time not exceeding 24 hours
• Supports rotating duty rosters and a maximum of three shifts in a day
• Provides easy management of multiple FingerTec® terminals
• Enables download of data and transactions
• Allows export of data and transactions
• Provides irrefutable audit trails reports
• Produces various kind of time attendance reports


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