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Time Attendance & Access Control Web Version System
A multi user system TCMS V2 Web version is developed using Visual Studio .NET and running on Microsoft IIS and .Net platform. This version of TCMS V2 can also be
installed on Microsoft IIS web server. It is cross-platform interoperable, supports most of the major databases including Oracle, MSSQL, My SQL, and MsAccess. User is offered with multi level access right, accessible from anywhere at anytime through any web browser i.e. MS Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Data collected from TCMS V2 Web is exportable to ASCII, CVS or ODBC format to enable integration with third party payroll system.

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• Interoperable with Cross-Platform support.
• Immediacy of access from Anywhere, Anytime.
• Support multi level user access right.
• Enhanced TCMS V2 features and ability to add in new
• Support most of the major database, including Oracle,
MsSQL, MySQL and Ms Access.
• Support multiple language selection, and can be easily to
add in new language support
• Backward Compatible – upgradeable from TCMS V2.
• Compatible with all FingerTec® terminals.


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