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FingerTec - OfficeTa

PC-based Time & Attendance System/Fingerprint Enrollment Station
Combination of OFIS sensor and TCMS V2 software has created a PC-based Time and Attendance product known as OFIS TA, made for small sized offices. OFIS TA makes fingerprint terminal installation simplified with an easy plug to USB port of any computer system. For larger corporations that deploy multiple units of FingerTec® terminals in their corporations, OFIS TA can be used as fingerprint enrollment station, which the enrolled fingerprint templates can be transferred to other fingerprint terminals from one centralized location.

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• Combination of PIN and biometrics or ONLY biometrics
verification to eliminate fraud
• Fast and precise verification with FingerTec® OFIS
• Allow 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint verifications
• Unlimited user capacity for 1:1 fingerprint verifications; 1:N
based on PC capacity
• Hassle-free fingerprint registration and verification
• Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints

• Manage time attendance & time clocking activities
• Provides 6 definable daily clocking activities
• Supports overnight working time not exceeding 24 hours
• Supports rotating duty rosters and a maximum of three
shifts in a day
• Provides easy management of multiple FingerTec®
• Enables download of data and transactions
• Allows export of data and transactions
• Provides irrefutable audit trails reports
• Produces various kind of time attendance reports


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